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VEGAN LOVE: Do Vegans Have to Date Vegans Only?

VEGAN LOVE: Do Vegans Have to Date Vegans Only?

Vegan love: it’s a concept with many complexities and questions, benefits and fun. Do vegans have to date vegans only? Do plant-based eaters have better sex?

How do vegans cope in relationships with non-vegans? Certainly dating someone with shared values, who cares about similar things, holds similar ethical boundaries, enjoys the same restaurants, etc. sounds like a match-made in plant-based heaven, this may not be realistic for all. Whether you are a vegan seeking a vegan, a non-vegan looking to make the switch while in an omni relationship, or you’re a couple trying out plant-based eating together, there are many ways veganism can play a role in matters of the heart.


Dating vegan-exclusive.

For some, the ethical position of veganism dictates that there is just no room for dating someone who will chow a steak or don fur in front of you. A vegan lifestyle (as opposed to just eating a plant-based diet) can involve all aspects of one’s character and daily life, so seeking that special someone whose values and actions (and love of tofu and rescue dogs) aligns with yours, can be a must when dating. Depending on your locale and proximity to other vegans, this can either feel very daunting or enticing. Either way, there are a few dating apps and sites that can help make the search for veggie love a little easier. According to Veg News, some “sure fire” online tools include Green Singles, Veggie Date, Veggie Connection, Grazer and Veg.



The vegan and non-vegan couple.

Whether you are a vegan who entered into a relationship with a non-vegan, or you became the lone vegan while in the throes of love, the vegan/ non-vegan relationship is a common one, and can come with some complications. There is no definite answer about whether or not these types of relationships can work, but according to The Vegan Society, there are a few important features of a successful omni/ veggie pairing. As with any relationship, communication is key, especially for vegans and non-vegans, to talk out issues like food shopping and prep, and how money is spent. Being respectful is necessary, of issues like shared spaces (ew, there’s a dead chicken in the fridge!), differing opinions, and of course how children will be raised. There are online social media groups that offer community for those coping with this unique style of relationship.


Start the plant-based journey together.

Learning to incorporate more plant-based foods and products into your daily life can be a fun project for a couple to take on together. Further, learning about the negative impacts of animal agriculture on the planet, or cosmetic testing on animals, can be easier to handle with the support of a partner. Like any new lifestyle change — diet, fitness, wellbeing, spirituality, etc.—having someone to help you stay on track, explore new things, and reap all the rewards, makes the journey more enjoyable and more likely to be successful. Some reports have also shown that vegan couples have more sex than non-vegans, and that a plant-based diet can improve important circulation requirements for a healthy sex life (if you know what we mean).


Having compassion for animals and the planet, and a passion for healthy living can only add to the attractive qualities of a person and further enrich the compassion and passion you have for each other.





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