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Sarah Jessica Parker Urged To Ditch Fur In Reboot Of ‘Sex And The City’

Sarah Jessica Parker Urged To Ditch Fur In Reboot Of ‘Sex And The City’

Award-winning actor Sarah Jessica Parker is under pressure to ditch fur in the reboot of Sex And The City 

The cult TV show will return for a 10-episode revival titled And Just Like That. Production will begin in New York City later this year and the show will air on HBO Max.

The show received heavy criticism from animal-rights advocates, namely for its use of real animal furs.


According to reports, PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews has written Parker – who will executively produce the reboot – a letter.

“I’m writing to appeal to you to make this version fur-free, unlike the original,” the letter reads.

“Since the series ended in 2004, attitudes toward fur have shifted dramatically and most designers have discontinued it.”

The letter also says Parker should ’embrace the spirit of this month’s Vogue Italia. The publication’s latest edition is ‘dedicated to animals and calls on the fashion world to move away not just from fur but also all cruelly obtained, animal-derived materials’.

‘The future of fashion is vegan’

Last year, Global Brands Group banned fur in its own brand and the companies it licenses, such as Calvin Klein.

“PETA applauds Global Brands Group for its compassionate and business-savvy decision to ban fur. [It] shows that the future of fashion is vegan,” PETA Director, Elisa Allen, said in a statement sent to PBN.

“PETA urges all retailers to meet the rising demand for luxurious, cruelty-free alternatives. Or, be left in the dust by ethical shoppers, who simply don’t want animals to be abused and killed for coats..”

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