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Olympic Medalist Dan Bibby Adopts Vegan Diet

Olympic Medalist Dan Bibby Adopts Vegan Diet

Olympic silver medalist Dan Bibby says he adopted a plant-based diet after discovering the environmental impact of meat.

In a recent interview, the rugby player says he ditched animal products more than three years ago after becoming a Father.

He says being a parent made him ask: “Am I giving them the best chance for their future?”

Bibby also says he’s tried to educate his fellow players on why they should reduce their meat consumption.

‘I was leaner but just as strong’

Speaking to the TelegraphBibby said: “Having one less steak a week won’t affect your performance…

“I think people were a little bit worried that if they didn’t get enough protein, it would affect their performance…

“I stopped eating meat and I was in the exact same shape – I was leaner but I was just as strong. It didn’t impact my strength in the gym or my speed on the pitch. Or, my ability to recover.”

Environmental impact of meat

The meat industry regularly comes under fire due to its environmental impact.

Animal agriculture accounts for at least 87 percent of annual greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report.

Climate Healers’ latest paper also says focusing exclusively on the reduction of fossil fuel burning will ‘accelerate climate change, potentially to the point of no return’.

It states that fossil fuels are currently the leading source of human-made CO2 emissions. But, also warns climate change is caused by ‘cumulative human-made greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions – not just current CO2 emissions alone’.

“We need to transition to a global plant-based economy first and that blindly eliminating fossil fuel usage first will accelerate the warming of the planet,” the report reads.

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