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Oatly Launches New Online Guide To ‘Help Dads Quit Dairy’

Oatly Launches New Online Guide To ‘Help Dads Quit Dairy’

Vegan milk giant Oatly has launched a new online guide to ‘help Dads quit dairy’. 

The brand’s ‘Help Dad’ website is designed to help people persuade their parent to make the switch to plant-based. It is filled with resources such as recipes, tips, rhetorical tactics, and more. 

‘Ditching dairy can save the planet’

“Whether your Dad just needs some helpful reminders because he already gets that ditching dairy can save the planet loads of carbon emissions… Or, if he needs more of a total reprogramming because he is pretty much good with watching the planet burn so long as he can do it while eating a double cheeseburger. This guide has you covered,” the campaign’s website states.

“To be specific, you’ll find facts, rhetorical maneuvers, tips, recipes, and a bunch of other stuff designed to help you get dad on a more planet-friendly track. Because clearly, you are the guy’s best hope.”

Oatly backlash

Last year, Oatly faced consumer backlash after it sold a stake to a group of investors led by a private equity consortium Blackstone.

The investment was part of a $400 million funding package. Half was secured through a green-deal loan which commits Oatly to ensure all of its investments are in sustainable solutions.

The rest – a 10 percent stake for another $200 million – came from Blackstone. The company has made headlines in the past due to its alleged involvement in Amazon deforestation, and because its founder Stephen Schwarzman has donated to Donald Trump and the Republican Party. He also briefly served as chairman of Trump’s strategic and policy forum in 2016.

According to reports, other Blackstone executives have different political affiliations. President and COO Jon Gray has donated to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Moreover, executive vice-chairman Tony James and Gray have held virtual fundraisers for the Democrats.

You can visit the Help Dad website here

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