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Ditch The Dairy, Not The Flavour: The Best Dairy Alternatives on The Market for #Februdairy

Ditch The Dairy, Not The Flavour: The Best Dairy Alternatives on The Market for #Februdairy

This year saw half a million people sign up for Veganuary, the month-long commitment to eat exclusively animal-free during January. By most measures, the campaign to encourage people to go vegan at least temporarily has been a massive cumulative success since its inception in 2014. Understandably, this has not sat well with the dairy industry. Thus in reaction, a new hashtag was created in 2017, in attempts to dedicate the month of February, or #Februdairy, to promoting dairy products.

As expected, the hashtag was quickly overtaken by vegans and the month has now become a time to learn of the many downsides of dairy, for the animals, the planet and our bodies, and to promote, explore and enjoy the abundance of dairy-alternatives and dairy-free foods now widely available.

So to help celebrate Februdairy, here are a few of our dairy-free faves:


High Protein Vegan Milk: 8 Types, RankedMilk 

The sale of plant-based milks has boomed in recent years. While almond or soy was for many the first foray into plant milk, today milk-alternatives are made from a variety of dairy-free sources. Oat milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, pea milk, etc. are all rapidly gaining popularity, with each offering a unique taste experience and different nutritional profile.

You can get vegan coffee creamers, too!


The Ultimate Vegan Cheese Taste TestCheese

Cheese is the holy grail of dairy-free eating, and thankfully vegan cheesemakers have come a long way in recent years. Perfecting the taste of a vegan cheddar, the texture of a vegan ricotta, the spread of vegan cream cheese, etc. have all been highly prioritized, and today dairy-free diners can enjoy all the melty, creamy, tasty goodness of cheese, minus all the animal suffering and saturated animal fat.

Vegan mac and cheese is also now a thing, as well as dairy-free cheese puffs and vegan cheese pizzas, too.



Not to worry, giving up dairy does not mean having to give up that perfect breakfast/ snack/ dessert of yummy yogurt. The rich, filling and often-fruity little food can now be found made from coconut, almonds, soy beans or even peas, and is just as delicious.




Protein powder

Though still news to some people, yes, plants have protein! And replacing your whey (milk protein)-based protein powder with plant-based proteins, has so many benefits. Harness the power of plants, to help you bulk up or lean down or just feel awesome.  Vegan protein bars are also a super option.




What We're Cooking This Weekend: Vegan Lasagna SoupCream Soup

Warm creamy soup is such a comfort food. From creamy mushroom, to tomato or butternut squash, there are an abundance of silky smooth, and yes dairy-free soups now available for purchase, premade, ready to heat and enjoy.




Vegan Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Spotted: Here Are the DetailsRanch

Traditionally, all things ranch flavoured include dairy. But these are modern times, and now you can get salad dressings and snacks in that beloved ranch flavour, all dairy-free.





Matthew Kenney Opens Plant-Based Artisanal Chocolate Shop In NYCSweets

It seems just about every sweet treat has dairy milk in it, which can make being a dairy-free sweet tooth feel nearly impossible. Not so! From cheesecake to chocolates, cookies to ice cream cones, there is now a vegan version of just about any sweet you could desire.




There are so many reasons to ditch dairy in February, and beyond, and the abundance of dairy-alternatives and dairy-free foods now on the market, is just one, a very convenient and delicious one. Celebrate Februdairy this year by stocking up on some of your faves.


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