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Your Plant-Based Holiday Survival Guide

Your Plant-Based Holiday Survival Guide

If you’re the only person in your family or group of friends who eats plant-based, it can be a challenge to get through the holidays. Animals may be at the center of the dinner table, along with multiple dairy-filled desserts. The good thing is, there are now many more plant-based options than ever for enjoying the holidays.

Prepare to go plant-based

The best way to not be disappointed when you arrive at a holiday gathering is to prepare for what you’ll eat and drink. If someone else is hosting, ask what will be made and if the menu doesn’t include plant-based dishes, offer to bring one or two.

If you’re hosting the gathering, this is an excellent opportunity to show your loved ones that eating plant-based is totally possible during the holidays! Decide on what you’re going to make or order in advance and get your shopping list together well ahead of time.

Some ideas include a charcuterie board with plant-based meats, cheese, and fruit, vegetable side dishes, a plant-based roast, plant-based desserts, plant-based wine or other sparkling beverages, and thank-you gifts or stocking stuffers like plant-based candy canes or chocolates. There are many plant-based recipes online you can find if you search, and the creators may even have video instructions on YouTube.

If you’re new to cooking, see if there are any plant-based cooking classes in your area that can teach you new skills and recipes.

Shop plant-based well in advance

The best time to shop for your holiday feast is early! Don’t leave it last minute as you may find shelves more empty. There are already many plant-based options at grocery store chains, but you may need to visit a vegan grocer or shop online here on Vejii to get exactly what you need. It’s also a great idea to get your gifts at these places to further support plant-based over the holidays. There are also plenty of plant-based bakeries, food producers, and caterers who’d appreciate your business if you don’t plan on cooking everything yourself.

As the holidays can be a stressful time, don’t forget to ask for help. Many people would be happy to come early to help you prepare or pick up dishes if need be.

Serving plant-based

Along with impressing your guests with a fully plant-based feast, set out your festive tablecloths, dishes, napkins, glassware, and other decor early in the day to save time.

Food is the ultimate conversation starter. When you get questions about how you made your dish or where you got it, use this as an opportunity to educate your loved ones on how good plant-based meals can be.

Other festive touches for the table include elements of nature like acorns, leaves, and twigs, and name tags. If your guests are active on social media, tell them to tag you and @shopvejii if you bought your ingredients or dishes here!

Remember, it isn’t all about you

The holidays are about more than just eating a meal together. It’s about spending time with the ones you love, sharing stories and jokes, and making memories. If you’ve followed the tips we’ve shared here, what you’re eating shouldn’t be the focus of the holiday.

If you receive a gift containing animal products you won’t use, show your appreciation for the gift and give it to someone who’ll use it or to goodwill. If your loved ones are open to the idea of eating fully plant-based, introduce them to Veganuary and give them tips to help them on their journey. You can also tell them what you bought here at Vejii that made it easy for you to go plant-based.

Above all else, stay positive—we’re rooting for you and admire your dedication to staying plant-based. Have a fantastic plant-based holiday!

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