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What To Do When Your Partner Isn’t Vegan

What To Do When Your Partner Isn’t Vegan

Love is the greatest force in the world, but it can also be complicated. As much as we want to have partners who share all of our values, we also don’t want to date (or marry) mirror images of ourselves. Our differences can be what spices up a relationship…but what if our partners aren’t vegan?

This blog will talk about three things you can consider if you’re in a relationship with a non-vegan partner.

1. Communicate your values and needs

Expressing your desire for a vegan spouse might be too forward on a first date, but as you deepen a relationship over time, that person should know you’re vegan and WHY. You likely have a lot to share, but if your partner hasn’t watched documentaries, videos, or read books on the benefits of eating a plant-based diet or the vegan lifestyle, you’ll want to introduce that content to them in a way that’s digestible. Animal cruelty docs definitely aren’t binge-able!

Dietary preferences shouldn’t be a big deal when you’re dating, either. Many restaurants today have plant-based options and if you live in an area that doesn’t, offer to cook at home! Flex your cooking or baking skills, and if your partner is into it too, it’ll make for a fun and flirty night (or day!). If your date prefers to sprinkle cheese on their dish, consider it an exercise in patience, and give them time.

2. Do vegan things together

Aside from dining out or cooking indoors, most activities you can do with a potential partner don’t bring up conflicting dietary choices. Hiking, exercising, playing sports or games, going to concerts or comedy shows, and watching movies or plays are all fun activities you can do together. 

As you find common interests, talk about people you know who are vegan and leading the way in an industry they care about, like athletes, recording artists, or actors. If you both love shopping, talk about your favourite vegan apparel brands or designers.

And of course, if you’re ready, you can introduce your partner to your vegan friends and colleagues. They likely won’t be complaining about the lack of animal products at potlucks if tasty vegan food is what’s on the table!

3. Respect where they’re at

It might be a turnoff to see a potential partner eating meat in front of you on a date, but remember, what people eat isn’t all of who they are. If your partner isn’t ready to go vegan but they’re doing their best in every other area of their life, consider that a win.

As more scientific and evidence-based information becomes available, continue to educate your partner on the benefits of eating more plant-based. Keep having conversations—hard as they may be—about your values and what you’re learning, and if you see your partner making progress, know that it’s probably because they care a lot about you.

Remember why YOU’RE vegan, and trust that the values behind why you choose a vegan lifestyle will attract your ideal partner, if it hasn’t already.

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