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Top 5 Vegan Kitchen Staples

Top 5 Vegan Kitchen Staples

So you’re ready to step up your cooking skills and start making more plant-based meals in your kitchen. Bravo! When you’re armed with some plant-based cookbooks or online recipes, you don’t want to do a grocery haul only to find you’re unable to make the meals you want.

In this blog, we’ll cover 5 vegan kitchen staples you’ll need so you can whip up your favourite plant-based meals in no time!

1. Cutting board and a good knife

If you’re new to cooking or haven’t prioritized fruits and vegetables in your meal routine, you’ll have to learn how to break them down so you can saute, roast, bake, or plate them raw. Enter your trusty knife and cutting board!

You can buy decent cutting boards at many stores, but make sure you invest in a high-quality knife. It should be comfortable to hold and cut through food easily when you first buy it. If you’re able, you can also get a knife sharpener, as the blade will dull with time.

You may also get good quality knives in a set; the smaller knives will be helpful for chopping single pieces of fruit, or setting out on a vegan cheese platter when you’re hosting guests.

2. Blender or food processor 

Vegans and folks who eat plant-based diets will tell you that seasoning and flavour are a MUST for cooking plant-based. Investing in a good blender will not only allow you to make delicious fruit and vegetable smoothies for any time of day, but also sauces, stews, and soups.

A food processor functions in the same way as a blender but is meant for food and is wider with a bigger blade. The purpose of a food processor is to break down food, although it can still be used for liquid. Food processors are amazing for chopping large amounts of vegetables quickly, and some models may have blades for other purposes like kneading dough.

3. Saute pan

A saute pan is essential for quick meals on the go. You can throw vegetables, proteins, and sauce into a hot pan all at once, and have a meal ready in minutes.

Pans vary in quality and price. Generally, the more expensive, the longer it will last. If you buy a pan with a non-stick coating, be careful not to scrub it too hard when cleaning or use utensils that will scratch off the surface.

4. Pot

A pot can last forever and can also do the job of a saute pan. A nice large pot lets you simmer your favourite soups and stews and fill your home with a tempting aroma that tells us something good’s cooking! 

Soups and stews are great for batch cooking. Freeze the leftovers and when you reheat them, they taste just as fresh.

5. Baking sheet and oven mitts

A baking sheet is a must not only for baking cookies, but for roasting vegetables, which are nice and hearty during colder seasons. You can also roast nuts and seeds.

Don’t forget to invest in high-temperature oven mitts so you can remove your hot sheet from the oven with ease and save your dish towels from heat damage.

If you’re thinking you’ve already got all of this stuff in your home, congrats. You’re already set to master plant-based meals. If you’re overwhelmed with the options when you’re shopping, ask a staff member at a store what they’d recommend—they may even tell you brands or tools they use. Be sure to let us know how your plant-based cooking journey goes!

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