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Thanksgiving 2020: Simple Vegan Swaps for The Big Meal.

Thanksgiving 2020: Simple Vegan Swaps for The Big Meal.

Thanksgiving is coming; that time of year where families, loved ones and friends traditionally congregate and reflect on the blessings they’ve received from the harvest. And while Thanksgiving 2020 may be a little different from the holidays of recent memory, many a family still looks forward to gathering around a delicious meal.

But what happens when a guest at this year’s dinner is vegan?

For some, the thought of having to plan a separate meal in order to accommodate a friend or family member with alternative culinary preferences is daunting; should a secondary meal be prepared? Will the guest feel slighted if the host’s first foray into vegan cooking is less than stellar?

On the flip side, many a vegan has found themselves invited to a feast, only to fear feeling like the odd one out, huddled in a corner of the Thanksgiving table relegated to the dish they brought–the dish no one is acknowledging, let alone consuming.

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

Rest assured, there are options. Corey Erdman, Creative Consultant for ShopVejii.com–a one-stop source for vegan-friendly products– has championed the lifestyle for the past decade. In that time, he’s navigated many a social function and found himself on both ends of the host/attendee spectrum. The key, he assures, to preparing an inclusive holiday feast this Thanksgiving?

Serve the same damn meal.

“Many people on the host side don’t realize that you don’t really need to change a thing. Why not serve mashed potatoes made with almond milk, greens coated in vegan margarine, or stuffing infused with veggie broth instead of chicken?”

If Tofurkey isn’t your thing, have the guest bring an appropriate main to serve at the table–Erdman insists that precious real estate needn’t be lost to duplicates. “Aside from the substitute on the turkey, pretty much everything can remain exactly as intended–with a few minor tweaks.”

The visual presentation of a traditional Thanksgiving feast preserved–with a few invisible changes–will have the guests unaware of the ‘dinner hacks.’

Brave New World

Coming to the feast armed with meatless alternatives has been the source of tension for more than a few bold vegans. Erdman, having experienced the phenomenon firsthand, champions the significance of tasty new endeavours.

“Maybe less so now, but in the past, there was a real chance someone’s vegan dish was a ‘first’ for a guest at dinner. I know that my palette expanded dramatically when I changed my dietary habits–I was exposed to flavours and ingredients from other cultures. This holiday season, why not give the gift of exploration to someone around the dinner table?”

Expanding Palettes, Troubled Times

Serving a Thanksgiving meal in the midst of a global pandemic can be challenging. People are hesitant to leave their homes, for the risk of exposing loved ones to the COVID 19 virus. ShopVejii.com, building to one day become the world’s largest digital vegan marketplace, assures Americans that the ingredients needed for the perfect family feast are a click away.

Erdman recognizes the importance of accessibility and ease in unprecedented times. “At Vejii we strive to provide families with one-stop shopping for all of their holiday needs. We’re providing options that are better for the environment, the climate–and, by keeping family members from scouring grocery store aisles searching for vegan-friendly options–we’re ensuring everyone is safe to come dinner time.”


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