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Swaps You Can Make To Live More Sustainably

Swaps You Can Make To Live More Sustainably

If living more sustainably is one of your 2022 New Year’s resolutions, congratulations! At Vejii we believe eating plant-based shouldn’t mean contributing to waste or harmful emissions. Like you, we’re always looking for ways to be more sustainable.

In this blog we’ll share four swaps you can make in your home to live more sustainably.

1. Ditch the packaging

Plastic is becoming more passé. Although it isn’t always easy to shop for package-free food, more zero waste shops and grocery stores are offering food and other personal items like soap, lotions, and laundry detergent in bulk where you can fill jars, bottles, and bags. When shopping, bring reusable bags, or ask for paper vs. plastic bags.

Many cities have recycling programs where you can drop off bags or clean packaging made of soft plastic. Get in the habit of washing and collecting these so you have less garbage to toss and can do your part to keep trash out of landfills.

2. Get crafty

Why buy plant-based milk when you can make your own? If you like to cook and bake, extend those skills to making your own milks and plant-based cheese. You can also grow your own vegetables and mushrooms indoors if you don’t have a lawn or balcony space! Search for kits online or the items you need to make or grow your own food. 

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on an expensive coffee in a paper cup with a plastic lid, invest in a good coffee maker; it will save you money in the long run. Support local and fair-trade coffee suppliers, and look for zero waste providers. Not to mention the unbelievable aroma that will linger in your kitchen!

Same goes for smoothies and air fresheners. You’ll be surprised at all the things you can make on your own with some time and persistence!

3. Shop second-hand

Second-hand doesn’t just apply to clothing you’d buy at a thrift or vintage store. If you need an item, try to acquire it in a local Buy Nothing Facebook group, on Craigslist, or a second-hand shop before buying brand new. We all have things we rarely or never touch around the house that someone else could use more, and these are great places to find or give away items. There is more than enough “stuff” that gets made in the world. The less we can make, the better off the environment will be.

4. Wear natural

Not only could we use less plastic in our homes, but we could also stand to wear less of it! Polyester and nylon are made of petroleum, and other fabrics like acrylic or rayon involve processes that pollute our water or air. Conventional cotton requires pesticides and releases greenhouse gases into our air. It’s also a dangerous industry for workers.

Look to wear more organic cotton and bamboo, hemp, Tencel, flax, and linen when buying clothing. 

Have you made other swaps in your home to live more sustainably? Share them with us on social media. 

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