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Snack Strong This Summer with Wise Bites

Snack Strong This Summer with Wise Bites

Big Deals, Little Bites

Dubbed “The Sweet Snack for Smarter Snackers,” Wise Bites offers a line of low-sugar, high protein treats that are perfect for both the kid’s lunchbox and that post-workout snack.  Bars, Muffins, Cookies—if you’re looking for a nutrient-packed treat this summer, Wise Bites has you covered.

These healthy baked goods are created in a dedicated facility in Richmond, B.C, and are free from 11 of the top food allergens.  School-safe and ideal for the whole family, Wise Bites are plant-based, sustainably sourced and delicious!

For a limited time, Vejii customers can enjoy a special summer deal—with every purchase of 2 Wise Bite boxes, you can get the third for free!

Better Ingredients, Better Snacks

Wise Bites Founder and CEO Cathline James set out to ensure her line of snack foods went the extra mile to choose top-quality ingredients—organic quinoa flour, certified gluten-free oat flour, organic coconut oil and natural sugars.  By focusing on the best ingredients, Wise Bites are lower in refined sugar, and higher in protein, minerals, and fibre.

Allergen Free Snacks

Health Forward Flavors

Wise Bites: Oat & Quinoa Chocolate Chip bars are designed specifically with the chocolate lover in mind.  High in protein, fibre and minerals, these delicious bites are ideal for that after-workout craving and perfectly suited for the kid’s lunchbox!

Wise Bites: Chocolate Quinoa Muffin brings the taste and health-conscious ingredients to everyone’s favourite muffin treat!  Packed with the decadent flavors of rich chocolate, these muffins are Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Peanut & Soy Free, and contain no Tree Nuts.  Perfectly paired with that morning coffee, Wise Bites: Chocolate Quinoa Muffins are the go-to snack for the chocoholic!

Wise Bites: Oat & Quinoa Fudge Bars are the perfect grab-and-go snack for those busy days!  Loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals, these chocolate-packed, nutrient-dense treats are ideal for getting some quick nutrients on the run.

Wise Bites: Cranberry Orange Quinoa Muffins are both nutritious and delicious, boasting flavours that are sure to satisfy fruit-lover in your household!

Wise Bites: Oat & Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies offer a delicious, healthy twist on a classic snack treat.   High in fibre, protein and minerals, these cookies are sure to be a popular choice in any health-conscious household!

Save Big on Wise Bites From July 20 – 22

Why not try them all? With an array of cookies, muffins and bars, Vejii customers can sample an array of healthy Wise Bites with a limited time, Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer!  Lunchboxes and snack-hungry family members rejoice!

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