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Guaranteed Goodness with the Spread‘Em Kitchen Co.

Guaranteed Goodness with the Spread‘Em Kitchen Co.

Better Spreads with Spread‘Em Kitchen Co.

Dip.  No chip is the same without it.  Vejii wants to ensure your next summer event is well appointed, and that no chip is left uncovered.  By offering a compliment of Spread ‘Em Kitchen Company spreads and ‘cheeze’ blocks, your next get-together will have all hands reaching into the bowls you’ve laid out.

Shop Vejii and take charcuterie night to the next level—with price matching and guaranteed shipping on all orders over $75, you’ve come to the right place for all of your party needs.

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A Healthy Variety

Boasting flavours like Spinach & Artichoke Cashew Dip, it’s clear that the Spread ‘Em Kitchen Co. isn’t cooking your average convenience store dip.  Your plant-based chips could use a little tang, and those bread bites you’ve laid out taste a little better with some Chives & Garlic Cream Cheeze.  Pair Spread ‘Em Kitchen Big Smoke Applewood Cashew Cheeze Block with any cracker and enjoy the smoky accent of applewood with your party guests—but be sure to replenish that board, because it tends to disappear fast!

Also available in Herb & Garlic and Classic Cashew Cheeze flavours, these blocks are sure-fire party accelerators.

The idea for healthy, whole-food ingredient sourced spreads came to Spread ‘Em Kitchen Co. founder Melissa when cooking up ideas for weekend farmers’ market fare.  Her tasty, plant-based takes on party hits spread like wildfire across her native Vancouver, and soon, what began in 2015 as a series of minimally processed treats exploded into a cashew milk-powered empire!  With a promise to deliver on taste, the Spread ‘Em Kitchen Company is determined to deliver healthy options to every summer gathering.  No fillers, no starches, no problem—with Spread ‘Em, your next event is guaranteed dips and blocks that taste as good as they are good for you.

Convenience, with a Health Kick to Boot.   

Is there anything worse than the pre-get-together grocery store run?  Pushing a cart furiously between aisles, trying to find party snacks and munchies that accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions, concerns, and requests.  With Vejii, we’ve taken the pain of laps around the supermarket away—now, you can shop from the convenience of your home, and find everything you’re so desperately searching for with a click.  With over 3,000 of the highest quality, sustainably sourced foods, lifestyle essentials, supplements, baby products, and wine, Vejii is truly a one-stop shop for everything this summer demands.  So why worry about arriving home before that first neighbourhood guest knocks when Vejii can have the party brought directly to your door?

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