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Do Dairy Better with Vejii and Miyoko’s Creamery

Do Dairy Better with Vejii and Miyoko’s Creamery

Don’t Tolerate Anything Less

A report by the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation reveals that over 7 million Canadians suffer from lactose intolerance.  What’s more, the report suggests that number may be a great deal higher, as many of us do not associate the symptoms of lactose intolerance with dairy—or are asymptomatic altogether.  Composed of the sugar in milk products, lactose is a near omnipresent feature of the traditional North American diet—meaning many of us are consuming lactose-containing products on a near-daily basis.Vejii is here to offer an alternative.  By partnering with Miyoko’s Creamery, a plant-based dairy company out of Northern California, Vejii is offering an array of cheese and butter products that retain the great tastes you’re used to—with none of the potentially problematic lactose.Committed to a sustainable future for your family—and the planet—Vejii champions education of the importance of a green future.  It turns out that diary is rough not only on your stomach—but it’s rough on the environment, too.

The Carbon Effect

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) details the ramifications of a burgeoning industry on the environment.  Dairy cows and their manure produce greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change—and, with 278 million dairy cows representing a worldwide industry, that contribution could prove to be a significant one.  (To say nothing of the 100 lbs of feed the average cow consumes daily.)  The WWF article states that the poor handling of manure and fertilizers can impact local water resources, and that unsustainable farming and feed production can encroach upon ecologically important areas.

A Healthy Alternative

Miyoko’s Creamery aims to create a dairy-free “Creamery of tomorrow”, by offering plant-based takes on your favourite milk and cheese products.  Composed of organic ingredients like cashews, hemp, coconut oil and oats, their Cultured Vegan Butter, Aged Sharp English Farmhouse Cheese, and Italian Style Mozzarella provide taste-superior alternatives that are easier on your stomach…and the environment.  Miyoko’s proprietary technology marries traditional creamery techniques like fertilization with the latest cutting-edge science in order to provide your family with a variety of artisan cheeses, butters and spreads that perfectly suit your next healthy meal.

You Deserve the Best. 

Vejii is here to ensure you get it.  With over 3,000 sustainable living goods, we’re set on becoming the world’s largest online plant-based marketplace.  With a focus on education, our impact on your family—and families like it nationwide—will be felt generations from now, if our mission to teach and service those committed to healthy living is a successful one.By ordering products like those from our partners at Miyoko’s Creamery, you’re voting for a better, sustainably sourced tomorrow.

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