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COVID-19: Shopping Plant-Based in a Pandemic

COVID-19: Shopping Plant-Based in a Pandemic

As if shopping vegan wasn’t difficult enough already – enter COVID-19 and our #NewNormal.

Even in the best of times, it’s a struggle to find good vegan and plant-based products; having to read every label carefully, skim ingredients, and find trusted brands not common in local stores. Throw a global pandemic into the mix, and it’s fair to say that the struggle is more real than ever before.

Thankfully, to combat these challenges, we are now seeing the “second coming” of ecommerce as companies around the world find ways to more efficiently deliver products to your door, contact free.

So, what does this mean for vegans and those interested in the plant-based diet?

The transformation of buying behaviors 

Shopping in 2020 is certainly different from how we used to in 2019. A global study recently published by Salesforce, found that 63% of consumers claimed the way they obtain goods and services has “transformed” during 2020 – and we all know why. Depending on where you live, pandemic-related restrictions have altered the in-store shopping experience. For many of us this has meant line-ups outside shops, following one-way arrows down isles, coping with shortages of necessary products, or being rushed due to capacity restrictions. For some of us, this has meant not being permitted into stores at all.

In-store vegan shopping is now more stressful

Gone are the days of casual perusing, chit-chatting in the isles, or taking your time to investigate new products (at least for the time being). For vegans and the vegan-curious, this hits especially hard. For us it is crucial that we have time to scan ingredients for hidden milk powder or sneaky gelatin; to have the space to seek out new plant-based and cruelty-free products to support. But today’s stressful in-store shopping environment makes this nearly impossible.

The shift to easier online purchasing

This new shopping experience has forced many people to finally do more of their shopping online, many of whom are just realizing the incredible convenience this provides – for the first time.

According to Salesforce, consumers now interact more frequently with businesses online, as opposed to offline (particularly in 2020). For vegans, a shift to online shopping has never really been an option until just recently with new platform like Vejii springing up. Out of something not-so-awesome, comes something awesome.

this move to online buying has yielded something especially awesome out of something not-so-awesome: a new online shopping platform that makes it safe, easy and convenient to purchase products and support brands we know are animal and cruelty-free.

Enter Vejii

The creators of Vejii are working to build the world’s largest vegan marketplace. All your vegan products in one place, delivered to your door.

Online, you are provided the time and space to investigate products, read ingredients, peruse at your leisure, build lists of your favorite products and then bundle and purchase products as you please. It is a new day with new challenges and the creators at Vejii simply hope that by making vegan products more accessible to all, they can provide some convenience in troubling times.

As in-store shopping becomes increasingly difficult, vegan and plant-based consumer can take comfort in knowing that new options have been created to make things just a little bit easier. Vejii is a safe place where anyone and everyone can explore the vegan lifestyle.

We encourage all of you to follow the public health guidelines, to stay safe, to look out for each other and to enjoy what time you can spend with your family.

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