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Beyond Beef – Big Savings.

Beyond Beef – Big Savings.

Save Big.  Beyond Big.

If you’re thinking plant-based, you’re thinking Beyond.

The Beyond Meat brand has significantly contributed to the alternative-sourced protein boom currently enjoying a surge in popularity. Covered by major news outlets like CNET, Buzzfeed and Women’s Health, Beyond Meat burgers and products are gaining notoriety across Canada by offering a tasty new twist on traditional flavour – a twist that is full of health benefits for your family and the environment!

Vejii wants to celebrate the plant-based boom by offering savings on Beyond Beef. For a limited time Save 15% off Beyond Beef’s delicious plant-based ground – it’s a versatile and hearty ingredient to any healthy meal.

This tasty ground contains the rich flavour profile of traditional Beef and comes packed with sustainably sourced nutrient-rich ingredients. Boasting a whopping 20g of plant protein per serving, this version of traditional ground beef comes ready for the skillet, grill, or griddle.

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Go Vejii. Go Beyond.

Eating right doesn’t have to be stressful. The time it takes to shop for the ingredients that go into a healthy dinner can be overwhelming. You’ve been up and down the grocery store aisles, relentlessly scouring shelves for ingredients that are good enough to feed a hungry family. That’s where Vejii comes in – to take the stress out of your dinner preparation.

Ever wish that instead of going grocery shopping and searching for ingredients, they could magically appear in front of you?

With free, nationwide shipping on orders over $75, you can rest easy after a long day, knowing that plenty of healthy meal options are only a mouse click away. Replace that weekly grocery store trip by simply ordering your favourite entirely plant-based products at Vejii.

Imagine the stress-free convenience of an environmentally friendly package arriving at your front door, leaving you more time to create Beyond Ground Beef recipes. Tacos? Burgers? How about a rich chili or meaty pasta sauce?

Beyond Beef - Big Savings.
Beyond Beef

Benefits Beyond

Those plant-based meatballs sure taste good. The benefits of every delicious bite go far beyond the flavour profiles tickling your tastebuds. A shift from animal to plant-based meat has a significant environmental impact as well.

By choosing Beyond Meat products, you’re helping to make an impact in four distinct avenues: human health, climate change, constraints on natural resources, and animal welfare.

You care about the food you feed your loved ones. With the wide array of Beyond Meat products, you no longer need to sacrifice health benefits for taste. By combining expert innovation with simple ingredients, your family can enjoy the rich, meaty flavours they crave without compromise!

Containing an equal—and often higher—protein content than your conventionally sourced varieties, Beyond Meat products contain no cholesterol, less saturated fats, and no antibiotics or hormones.

By ascribing to an “it’s not too late to make a difference” philosophy concerning the impact we’ve had on our environment, the planet-conscious among us would be pleased to learn that a Beyond Burger uses 99% less water, 93% less energy, and generates 90% less Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGE) than a quarter-pound beef burger. (*1)

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A Plant-Based Footprint

Vejii is proud to team up with Beyond Meat, offering health-forward meal options that will have your family coming back for seconds. Committed to delivering 100% naturally sourced, plant-based products, Vejii ensures that every Beyond Ground order arrives at your door ready to be the key ingredient in your next summer cookout or long-anticipated Spaghetti night.

Forget about the grocery store lines and the long drives to them—with Vejii, you’re saving gas (and time!) better served for cooking.

Vejii and Beyond Meat proudly partnered to offer you healthy choices and encourage you to try cruelty-free ingredients to help you find some calm amidst the strain of daily life. 

It’s only a mouse click away.


  • Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger Life Cycle Assessment: A Detailed Comparison Between a Plant-Based and an Animal-Based Protein Source; A peer-reviewed LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) conducted by the University of Michigan, CSS (Center for Sustainable Systems) paper CSS18-10, Martin C. Heller, Gregory A. Keoleian
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